Goose Hunting Tips : Early Season Resident Geese

The early season, for hardcore waterfowlers, is to prepare themselves for the migratory geese that arrive later in the fall. These early season geese are incredibly smart. They are also extremely sensitive to the pressures from hunting. Here are some strategies that you can follow to make it a successful hunt.

Find the Pattern

Resident geese are not like migratory geese that only come around an area for a few days or weeks. They know the land well. These geese know when something is wrong with a certain area. They have to know the area well for food and water sources. This will make them tough to fool, but it will help when you’re scouting their pattern.

Strike Quick

The birds will not venture far from roosting ponds to feed during the warm temperatures. More than likely they will occupy green fields. You can identify these fields and find them. You should plan on having as many as around a dozen different hunting spots you can hunt on any certain day.

Keep the Decoys to a Minimum

Resident geese keep their flocks to less than a few dozen birds. When these geese are on the ground, they stay in family clusters of three or four birds.

Mild Calling

Resident birds already have their locations and travel corridors in mind. You do not need excessive calling to get their attention and to try to get them to land. Just a tad bit of calling will do the trick.

Identify Their Zones

Resident geese use ponds and lakes as refuges or safety zones where they can avoid predators. They use this area to cool off in scorching temperatures. If you can figure out these zones, you will easily be able to locate the multiple fields where they go to feed in the mornings and evenings. Use this to your advantage as long as you can. Happy hunting!

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