Goose Hunting Tips

Goose hunting is a different level of waterfowl hunting, the rush of the hunt, the split second of “take em’”. There is no other feeling then laying flat in a blind when you hear the orchestrated honks of the group coming in. Your heart races as you fidget to get in a shooting position. Then some one yells, “cut em” and you burst out of that blind like a horse out the gate of the Kentucky Derby with guns blazing. For those split seconds your mind races, your heart is thumping, and in no time it’s over.

Your Decoy Spread Can Make or Break Your HuntGeese in field

Goose hunting is also a headache when it comes to preparation, and set up. You have to find spots that the geese flock to, set up the decoys in the right pattern so they land where they give you the best shot, and you have to be concealed in a well-prepared blind.

When getting ready for goose season, always talk to the landowner if it is not yours. There is no other disappointment then getting to your spot and they haven’t cut the field, crops or they tell you not to hunt because it is about to be cut. So always plan ahead and call first.

Second, get a good spread going out in the field. What I like to use is an “X or V” pattern. Set up your blinds first then work your spread off of them. The pattern is literally building an X or V with the decoys you have with some deviation in between to make it realistic. These patterns create a lane for the geese to come in straight into your blind no matter what direction they come from.

decoy spread

Lastly, get yourself a nice blind and prepare it with vegetation from the area in which you are hunting. The Avery Ground Force Blind, which you can get in our store, is a great starter blind that has easy set up and easy swing doors to jump out the blind and make a easy shot. The blind has loops so you can easily take local vegetation and conceal the blind and be more prepared for your next hunt.

I hope these simple tips help you on your next hunt. Let me know how you do!

Happy hunting!


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