Gun Dog Training Collars Range

We get this question a lot: How much range does my E-Collar really need to have?  That all depends on what you are planning on doing with your Gun Dog.  But we can definitely give you a sound piece of advice, always go one step further than you think you need! Dog Training Collars HRC Logo

A common comment we hear from customers is: I don’t need 1 mile range, because Im not looking to run my dog in hunt tests or field trials.  To be completely honest, Im guilty of saying the exact same thing.  BUT when I got my first puppy, I wanted to be able to enjoy his training all year long with qualify benchmarks.  Then I got involved in with my local Hunting Retriever Club, and my whole retriever training world changed.  Folks told me “be careful the hunt test world is addictive” and man they were not kidding.  Every step leads to a slightly better gun dog, and you are constantly enjoying the time with your dog.  Ok so we are now off on a tangent, just get involved in the HRC.

Back to the topic at hand!  The range of all of our collars is between 400 yards to 1 mile, and they are all built in a quality manner.    If your definitely going to avoid any extended training at all, then you are safe going with less range.  But if you feel that you have any inclination at all to run tests, you are better off buying a longer range collar to be safe.  And as you can see from our TOP SELLERS page, you have options for extended range collars at very competitive pricing.  And remember if you buy a collar from Marsh Mutt, but you don’t like it in the first 30 days you can simply exchange it for a model you WANT.