Gun Dog Training: Spring Time Warm Up

It is almost March, and your faithful gun dog is starting to look like he has cabin fever. You can see that he REALLY needs to let out some of his bound up energy. He is starting to annoy your wife, and knock kids over as he runs around the house erratically. Time to pull out the WINGERS and warm up.

First of all, we want you to keep in mind that you don’t have to train alone. A simple google search will point you to an HRC Local Club in your area, that would love to have your participation. They typically have monthly training days that help people focus on training the BEST retriever they can. For instance in our area the Kankakee River Hunting Retriever Club reaches out to local hunters to help them train, and help them gain the knowledge needed to be the best handler you can be.

As with the entire training process, it all starts with the basics. In my opinion it is important to always start off with the basic’s, then work your way to higher level training over a series of weeks. By basics, what we mean is every morning start off with an obedience routine. Give your retriever the opportunity understand you are entering the training process again, and because he/she will excel at obedience it will give them a positive training attitude.

In the times when you have no one else to train with, there are a few different products you can use to training alone. Products like wingers can be extremely helpful in assisting lone trainers with singles, and possibly doubles if you have more than one. Remember that even though you can throw bumpers, your dog would much prefer real ducks!!

PS: Marsh Mutt has some of the greatest prices on the internet for Retriever Training Gear! And it should be mentioned that we are family owned/operated

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