Helpful This Season: Mojo’s & the Rig’em Right Jerk Rig

Hey all,

Kyle SheridanIt’s Kyle Sheridan here. It’s been a great, but tough 2013/14 duck season down here in south Louisiana. We were fortunate to have a great first split this year, but the second split has been very hit or miss. I hunt tidal marsh, which makes it hard enough as it is with steady fluctuating tides and winds. Add in the constant weather changes from cold to hot and back to cold again and you’ve got yourself a headache!

Our birds change their hangout areas daily, some days they want to be in potholes and others on big open water. We have killed a lot of Gadwalls and Teal this year along with Mallards, Canvasbacks, Spoonbills, and Pintails. The first split we hunted mostly open water but have moved to potholes the entire second split.

One accessory I’ve been using on and off from Marsh Mutt that has really helped me out lately are Mojos. We are not able to use them all the time because certain days they flare birds more than help, which is understandable considering how many they’ve probably seen by the time they get to southern Louisiana. From what I’ve gathered sunny days and until about 8am Mojos work great with Gadwalls and Pintails here. On cloudy days they seem to flare more off of a mojo vs clear or partly cloudy days. On my lease we also hunt a lot of potholes so we are usually hunting over still water, so our decoys are motionless.

Another item I use from Marsh Mutt almost every hunt in potholes is the Rig’em Right Jerk Rig. It’s very easy to use and brings a lot of life to your spread if you’re in calm water. I have had a lot of birds whip back around this year and I firmly believe it was due to the movement of the jerk cord.

You can have all the decoys in the world but with nothing moving it’s very unrealistic. More movement and less decoys seems to work way better around here. If you have a few people hunting with you set up more than one jerk string, and see if your results are better. We’ve got just a few weeks left of our season here and then I will be venturing to Arkansas to finish my season off. Hope those Arkansas birds are nice a Louisianan.

Kyle Sheridan
Marsh Mutt Pro-Staff

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