Homemade Bowfishing Reel

“Homemade Bowfishing Reel”

With the rising popularity of Bowfishing as a sport, we have seen numerous emails regarding Homemade Bowfishing Reels. This is especially true when someone is just starting out! The last thing they want to do is have to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new rig, only to find out they are not as enthusiastic as they once thought. So it is completely understandable why they would be looking for a less expensive route to go.

Let us start off with a word of caution. Making a homemade bowfishing reel can actually be dangerous. For instance, a simple tangle in the line could have tremendous negative effects such as
backlash of an arrow to a face. No one would ever want to end up loosing an eye or worse, so one should think twice prior to taking such a risk.

In reality you can now pick up a Bowfishing Reel for 20 dollars, and thought it might not be anything fancy it is something that will help keep you safe in the long run. For instance, the Mud Cat Reel can now be picked up for as litte as 12.49 here at Marsh Mutt. At that cost, it may be worth it to save your time/eyes and just order one.

If you are dead set on trying to make your own reel, here is a video you might enjoy. It is important to note that we did not make this video, nor do we endorse it for safety reasons.

So now that you have all the important information you need to move forward how do you plan to proceed? Are you going to buy manufactured equipment, or are you going to venture out on your own? Personally Im just going to buy a manufactured reel. BowFishing Gear


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