Homemade Goose Decoys

Homemade goose decoys have been used since as far back as most of us can remember.  I can specifically remember a gentleman at Horicon Marsh sitting on a WHITE bucket and surrounding himself with black garbage bags, and much to our surprise he actually killed Canada Geese with that method!  But hunter be advised, we in no way think this is the most effective homemade goose hunting method around, nor do we try to get people to focus their energies into this method.

Over the years, decoy manufacturing has changed tremendously in a positive manner allowing hunters access to  decoys in a much more cost effective manner.  This was not the truth in the earlier days, and it was much easier to simply produce homemade goose decoys.  For instance, it is now possible to purchase a dozen low end decoys for 30 dollars.  Which is far less money that the cost of losing hours working on homemade decoys for ducks or geese.

That being said, it is important to remember that some people like myself enjoy the challenge of creating realistic duck and goose decoys to hunt over with my own two hands!  Typically I make silo decoys from wood sheeting, and I spend a lot of time painting the most realistic decoys I possibly can!  This tends to give me an overwhelming sense of pride in my decoy spread, and increases the feeling of accomplishment when I am successful!

Homemade Goose Decoy

Homemade goose decoys can fool even the weariest bird!

Before you make a decision to make your own decoys you should take a second to review the massive Decoy Department on Marsh Mutt.  They have taken the time to test out the vast majority of the decoys they offer so that you can feel comfortable making a wise choice!

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