How to Hunt Turkeys for Beginners

A Beginners Guide — How to Hunt Turkeys

I can’t tell you how many people ask me how to hunt turkeys successfully, so I figured an article explaining some common tactics would be useful to beginners. Though turkey hunting can be a very strategically difficult task, it does not take a lot of money to be successful. In reality it is one of the least expensive activities in the hunting field, and provides a great spring or fall activity! Read on for our list of common products the a beginner turkey hunter will need out there this spring or fall.Turkey-on-grass

  • Shotgun: My favorite shotgun for turkey hunting is the Remington 870. Though this gun is not the most expensive on the market, its high quality will last for years and increase every hunters success in the field. Make sure to spend a little extra and get a good Patternmaster turkey choke tube, it will make a difference in your end result for sure. This is a great gun for those learning how to hunt turkeys.
  • Turkey Call: Both Bill Saunders and Fred Zink make some great turkey calls with high quality sound. These calls range in price from $5 mouth calls to $60 slate calls, and with a little practice can be used very effectively in the field.
  • Camo Clothing: Over the years, there have been multitudes of manufactures making camo directed at turkey hunters. In my experience, most people simply use the same clothing they use to deer hunt. Ol’ Tom Clothing is one exception of high-quality turkey specific clothing that could be successfully substituted for your old deer gear.
  • Turkey Decoys: Dakota Decoy’s Turkey Decoy is a high quality decoy that can be purchased at under $100 with a little research, and definitely increases a hunters success rate. Though, I have seen many turkeys get fooled by decoys ranging in price from $19.99 to $49.99 over the years, so my advice is to buy the highest quality decoy you can afford.

Strategies and Tips for Your Next Hunt

There is not necessarily any “right way” to hunt turkeys, but there are some great strategies that can help you increase your success rate. The following are some great strategies for beginners to start with.

  • Scout the evening before you hunt. The late evening is when turkeys roost, and if you listen closely you might locate the general vicinity of a roost. This will give you a better idea of where to set up in the morning.
  • Hunt the edges of fields because turkeys tend to frequent open fields for feeding. It is the spring when strutting is most prevalent, which means field hunting is even more important then.
  • Make sure to cover your face and hands with camo. Any sign of exposed skin can definitely alert turkeys to your where abouts. A face mask and gloves are a must!

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