Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish?

Do You Know How to Store Fresh Fish?

Heat, humidity, and calms seas…….Summer is finally here and I’m ready to stock my fridge with fish! Snapper season just opened down here on the Texas Gulf Coast and we are headed out every weekend that the weather permits. Red Snapper is one of my all time favorite fish to eat and I am super excited about fishing for them. If you’re wondering how to store fresh fish this is the article for you! A good fish is only as good as it can be when properly cleaned and stored. There have been a few times that we ruined our harvest by not properly cleaning and freezing it.

Keep Your Catch on Ice

After catching the fish be sure to keep it on ice, especially when you live down here in south where we have ninety degree summers. If the fish get hot pretty much count on using them for bait or dis guarding them. I also would suggest keeping the fish in there own ice chest so your snacks and drinks don’t get all slimy. Nothing like a big gulp of fishy Dr.Pepper….ewe! If you store your freshly caught fish properly that won’t be a problem.

Not All Fish are Stored the Same

There are a lot of variables that affect what we do to the fish that we harvest. Depending on the species and how long we are going to be on the water we do different things to them. When dealing with tuna or a trip that is days long we gut the fish and pack the insides with ice before putting them in the fish box. Sometimes we eat the yellow fin Tuna raw after catching them. In this case we make sure we cut the fillets with a very clean knife on a clean cutting board and rinse the fish in cold water. Be sure to examine the harvest very good before eating, if the fish has sores or a bad oder to it do not eat it.

How to Prepare Your Fish for the Freezer

When preparing our fish for the freezer I like to cut it in small fillets. I make sure to get all the skin off and carefully cut out the blood line. You can leave the blood line in but I personally think it has a bad taste. There are some cases where you can leave on side of skin on and just remove all the scales. We do this methods on flounder and bake it, “flounder on a half shell”, it’s really good! Once I prep the fish to be frozen, I place it in freezer quart size bags. If we have a lot of fish to freeze I will use the vacuumed tight machine that gets the air out and seals the bag. The vacuumed sealer is good if you plan on stocking up on the fish and having it in freezer for a while. It keeps the meat from freezer burn. Some people will also add water to the bag to keep the fish from freezer burn.

All of what I mentioned are just suggestions and are things that we do when we store our catch. Everyone has their own little tricks of freezing and cleaning, just throwing out some ideas for my fellow fisherman out there. Hope y’all have a fishy summer! Keep those lines tight and “Reel Baby Reel!!”

How to store fresh fish

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