Hunting is a Life Style

My name is Brandon Tressler, born and raised in Somerset, Pennsylvania. I’ve been hunting waterfowl for 13 years now. Whether I’m hunting my favorite marsh, big water lake, river banks, or laying in the field.  The entire season every spare moment you can find me hunting ducks and geese or scouting for them. My girlfriend says I’m obsessed, I say it’s a life style not obsession!

I can remember my first duck hunt to this day, ever since that drake wood duck locked into the decoys, I’ve been hooked! Dawn flightThere’s something about hitting the call and watching the birds react that will never get old for me. Waterfowl hunting provides the opportunity to be able share stories and spend time with friends and family in the outdoors. Taking new people duck hunting gets me every time, watching their face when birds lock and commit.

As much fun as it is to pursue migrating ducks and geese, the preparation is equally as much fun. Duck hunting is a labor intensive sport and the off season seems to be more time consuming than the actual season itself. Brushing blinds, preparing decoys, scouting, and formulating new plans are all part of what make duck hunting the king of all hunting.

When I’m not hunting waterfowl or prepping or it, I’m hunting whitetail, spring gobbler, and pheasants. I’ve been calling competitively for 3 years now and still working at it. I’m very active in DU and Delta waterfowl trying preserve the sport for years to come. Whether it be putting fund raisers together, building wood duck boxes, or planting for habitats..I try to help out any way I can. I would like to thank Marsh Mutt and Carlson calls crew for giving me the opportunity to be apart of their team as Pro-Staff. I look forward to working with them.

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