Hunting Local Geese

Hunting Local Geese

I attended the California Duck Calling Championship last year and while I was there I was introduced to a Nationally well-known goose caller. Our conversation covered many subjects, but all centering around waterfowl hunting. As we continued he asked to see some pictures of my hunts.Hunting Geese

Local Geese Can be Tricky to Hunt

As he scrolled through the pics he stopped at one where I was wearing my lanyard with a more than modest amount of jewelry on it.”Wow, a lot of honker bands,” he said.
“Yes I’ve been blessed to have been in the right places at the right time,” I told him.
“Mostly migrators” he asked?
“No actually mostly locals,” I told him.
He turned to my buddy and said, “If you can kill local geese you can kill anything.”

On our way home, a younger hunting partner who was there during the conversation asked, “Why did he say if you can kill local geese you can kill anything?” As I explained it to him I realized this is a universal truth about local honkers. This guy was from back east and yet he had experienced the same thing we do out here in California, local geese are hard to work.

  • They are quickly educated
  • They won’t return to any area where they were heavily pressured
  • They recognize blinds and ambush points and fly around them
  • They identify that unnatural brush  and cover material are different from the their native area
  • They are incredibly cautious to movement and glare

For these reasons, people get tired of trying to hunt them. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that I couldn’t kill the local geese in our area. The truth is, it’s possible but it takes a lot more effort, thought, and preparation than most guys are used to.

Stay Tuned for More Goose Hunting Tips

Over the next couple of months I will layout the tips and tactics that have put 80 honker bands on my lanyard and hundreds and hundreds of geese in the freezer.

They do work, and they will work as long as you follow them closely. Many times the slightest deviation can being about a colossal failure.

Thank you and God Bless.

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