Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants”

Hunting Stories — “Ants in the Pants”

Hunting is a blast! I have walked away with so many hunting stories and memories but there was one particular hunt that was my favorite. I’d like to share it with all of you.

My Favorite Hunting Story of All TIme

Last spring me and my dad got up and left the house early in the morning to head down to the farm in Greene County, NC, to try our luck at tagging a fat ‘ole gobbler. Now I love going in the woods with my dad, it is the best bonding time you can ever have with a father and son. It is where I have learned many lessons and even have a few of my own to share. So it was opening day and we get up and get our gear together and head out to see what the day will bring. We trekked our way through to our scouted spot and set out a lonely hen decoy and hunkered down in the dense bush of the tree line.

As the morning crept by we heard a few drums of the leading tom and we would scratch back but nothing was coming of the relentless cluck of the slate call. Dad and myself were getting restless and tired of almost being carried off by the mosquitoes that took a liking to there new lunch. So we sat there a few more minutes when all of a sudden my dad jumped up like he had been kicked in the rear and he started to do this new dance that I assume will hit the mainstream anytime now as I coined it the “ants in the pants”. He jumped, slapped, kicked, and did a few spins while I was rolling on the ground laughing giving up any hope of seeing any wild animal. After finally getting the ants out of his pants and shoes, he decided to collect our things and hit the road. Meanwhile, I am still on the ground heaving, trying to catch my breath and wipe the tears from my eyes.

Have Fun Making your Own Special Hunting Memories

This is just one of the many funny hunting stories that I have experienced while out in the field with my father and we still laugh and joke about him sitting on a fire ant hill that morning. I urge you to get out there and start making your own funny moments and memories with your friends and family. Enjoy the outdoors and all that it has to offer. Take your kids, siblings, friends, and significant other out in the woods and just enjoy the time spent together. I promise these moments are the ones that live on forever.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


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