Interesting Facts About Duck Calls and Goose Calls

The origin of duck calls and goose calls for hunting purposes is deep and rich, which is the basis for our strong traditions. Check out some of these interesting facts about goose calls and duck calls.

  • Since 1678 duck hunters were documented using tame ducks in their decoy spreads to act as natural duck calls.
  • Non-patented duck calls were documented with photography as early as 1850.
  • Fred Allen is thought to be the first to sell his calls commercially with advertisements in 1870. He used metal in some of his calls for the barrel, but they started freezing to hunters’ lips so they changed them to wood.
  • David Fuller was the first to patent a Goose Call in 1885, and the impact on geese in his home area was tremendous.
  • In the 1900’s PS Olt started creating Arkansas Style Duck Calls for mass production.
  • Little do people know that it was not until 1972 that Phil Robertson created his first Duck Commander Call, and in 1973 he formed his company Duck Commander.

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