Just Laying Out

Just laying out

Hunting out of layout blind is a unique experience and is completely different than what we usually do out on the open waters of North Carolina. Being able to see every feather of the honker that is back peddling fixing to land in the spread you put out just before daybreak is a feeling like no other. As you explode out the doors like a bull at rodeo and shots start ringing out, that’s when you realize that your hard work and preparation has paid off. After picking up the downed birds and you start to readjust your blind before getting back in like a vampire during the day, this is where it will make or break your hunt. Following these tips can help you bring in that group during your next hunt.

Find the pattern, and COVER
• When you are in the field, find a spot that you can easily conceal with the vegetation that is found around the area you are hunting. Concealment is biggest factor of the hunt; if it is dry fields don’t cover the blind with green vegetation or dark accents, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Birds are color and contrast sensitive so matching with your environment is crucial.

Knowing when enough is enough
• There is a fine line between just right and over kill, when it comes to brushing your blind. Finding that line is something that comes with experience, knowledge of the weather, and knowing how the birds fly. Brushing your area should look natural and conceal any part of your blind that would stick out. You don’t want to put so much brush on that you look like a lonely hay bale siting smack dab in the center of the field.

Location, Location, Location
• Picking out your spot is just as important, you want to find a low spot in the area so that your blind after brushing it looks it belongs there, and no shadows are giving you away to finicky birds. Using your decoy spread to your advantage is a good way to break up any shadows as well. Big Al’s decoys are great asset to any field spread due to the fact you can stake them anywhere. Placing them all around your blind breaks up any irregular shadows and humps and allows for a natural look that can bring in weary birds.

Items to check out
Avery GHG Ground force layout blind
Big Al’s Goose Silhouette decoys
Momarsh Invisigrass Ultra

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