Keep Food Colder and Longer With an Orca Cooler

Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, or avid camper, there’s one thing that you can’t leave behind, your Orca cooler. Having a good cooler is essential for any outdoorsman. Don’t settle on just any cooler. Orca produces top-of-the-line coolers to help keep their contents cold for more than just a few hours.

The Last Cooler You Will Ever Need

Orca coolers are like no others on the market. Certainly, there’s no comparison to the typical coolers you can get at your local “big box” store. Here are a few benefits you can expect to get when you purchase a new cooler by Orca:Orca 26qtedited


• Come with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

• Certified Bear-Proof

• Equipped with padded handles

• Integrated insulation for maximum ice/cold retention

• Easy-flow drainage spout

• Retain ice for up to 10 days

Never Trust Your Food to the Competition

Orca brand coolers are made with top-notch materials and precise construction. They will save you a ton of money in ice and lost food for years to come. When compared to the competition, Orca coolers can keep its contents cold an average of 7 days longer. Also, every cooler sold benefits the outdoors via conservation donations Don’t let the cost of the coolers fool you, this cooler will pay for itself in the long run. Use the coupon code Gobble to save some great cash at check out when you buy today!

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