Labrador Training

“Labrador Training”

While a good Hunting Dog Trainer can be worth his weight in gold, and while there is definitely a place of respect/honor among our elite group known as “Waterfowl Hunters” many in our ranks simply can’t afford the cost associated with Professional Labrador Training.

Add to this equation the fact that many of the books and videos on the training of Labradors are directed toward those with enough time/experience to train dogs on their own already and suddenly you have a large void in the area of blue collar gun dog owners.

I have begun working on a program that simplifies the training of Labradors:

I picked this breed out specifically for two reasons:
1) They are the most popular waterdog in the country.
2) They are in my opinion one of the easiest gun dogs there is to train.

The goal of the program is to give the reader easy to use exercises that can fit into your daily chores so you have the time needed to train your Labrador by yourself. For example while training my Labrador to sit I kept a old floor mat in my shop and as I was doing yard work I would sit him on it, and make him stay at first for very short periods of time slowly increasing them as the days went by. Like while raking leaves I would sit him, release him, and sit him again a little later and release him always ending on a positive note.
Labrador Training

As the days went by I would move further and further from the dog as I worked until I could disappear around the corner of the house for 15 minutes with out him moving.

It took very little time out of my schedule and this is only one of many such exercises in the training of Labradors.

Certain concepts have been gleaned from such noted Hunting Dog Trainers as Dr Richard Wolters and many more. Other concepts where developed by me out of shear necessity due to time restraints, and the difficulty of recommended exercises.

With this program you can take your dog the the level you are satisfied with.

The training of Labradors can be a fun/rewarding experience for the gun dog owner instead of something they dread and stop part way through.

You can have the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that comes when your Gun Dog marks, retrieves and delivers his first duck to your hand.

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Joe Hendrex
Marsh Mutt Pro Staff

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