Long Boring Offseaon

Happy May 2016 everyone. It’s Chaz again from south Louisiana, I hope everyone is having a good year and not forgetting about our awesome waterfowl season that is coming up. I know for me when the last day of the season comes around, I get depressed knowing it’s all over till next season. I try to keep myself busy by doing other things in the outdoors while waiting for that opening day to come around. But there is not a moment when duck hunting doesn’t cross my mind. Like most of y’all I was born to chase ducks down and make sure my family is fed. Most the my offseason seems to just be some long boring days, just trying to make it through the down days. I mean all my decoys, boats, blinds, guns, outfits and more are just sitting there ready to roll. I guess it’s in my blood so much, I can’t stop thinking about how they going to come in to the spread opening morning. Just the wings making that awesome sound before daybreak and hearing them quack from up above is a great sound to hear.Plus a blind full of buddies telling stories and eating little Debbie’s. 2016/2017 season just needs to get here, so we can enjoy what we do best.

Last few months it’s been fishing and enjoying family time for me. But every day I still think about waterfowl hunting. Took a couple little vacations to try and get it off the mind, but that didn’t work lol.

We would like to hear what others have been doing to make these long days pass during the offseason. We have a great forum that we share info and talk about everything you could think of. Come check us out and let us know how your offseason is going. Marshmutt Forums can be found in the App Store or even on tapatalk.

Thanks and God bless

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