Create Marsh Mutt Club Pages

Welcome to Marsh Mutt! Are you a member yet? As a Marsh Mutt Club Member, you are able to create a Marsh Mutt Club group on our site, with the ability to set up individual club pages, request a Club coupon code, create Club events, invite members to join, post status updates and generally run your own small social network from!

The best part is that it is 100%, completely FREE to create a Marsh Mutt Club account.

When you create your club, you’ll have an opportunity to upload a banner or logo and set your club’s name and description. These will display at the top of your Marsh Mutt Club profile. Once you’ve created your club, you can add additional pages by navigating to the Admin -> Extras area, then Add New Page. Add as many pages as you need.

You can also use the Events tab to create events for your club. Your Marsh Mutt Club page will always be accessible from the main menu under the Members tab (choose your club from the list of all clubs at Marsh Mutt), or from your profile under the Marsh Mutt Clubs tab (choose from a list of clubs you belong to).

Remember the name of your club on Marsh Mutt should be the full name of your club. For example, the Kankakee River Hunting Retriever Club should be named just that so that folks can easily find you.

Our target club audience is as follows

-Local Hunting Retriever Clubs
Local Ducks Unlimited Clubs
-Local Delta Waterfowl Clubs
-Local AKC Retriever Training Clubs
-Local Fishing Clubs
-Local SRS Clubs

We want to help you grow, and invest in the future of our sport!