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How to Fix a Chewed Sofa

Furnishings damage is often a cost to spend for owning a animal. Teeth and claws can decrease any plush material to bows in mins — which material may be a chair or sofa. While a chewed sofa is unpleasant and often infuriating, you do not need to instantly toss the damaged furnishings away. Restoring and fixing the sofa is a reasonable opportunity, depending upon the seriousness of the damage. Fixing a chewed sofa requires some persistence and diligence, but the outcomes often conserve you the cost of a brand-new couch.
Step 1
Fill a spray container with a service of equal components sprinkle and white vinegar. Spray the mix on any saliva spots left over from the chewing. Clean the spots with a cloth to raise them from the furniture.

Step 2
Change any stuffing that has been took out of the arms or the pillows. If the old stuffing is still functional, load it back in through the openings triggered by the chewing. If the stuffing is damaged, change it with fresh foam or cotton.

Step 3
Sew any small openings closed with a stitching set. Or else, iron a repair spot over the torn locations. The spot should be as enclose color and structure as the bordering sofa fabric to earn the repair much less visible. Place an ornamental cushion over any obvious repairs to assist cover them up.

Step 4
Sand any damaged timber on the sofa with fine sandpaper to assist smooth the surface and decrease attack notes. Repaint or discolor the timber with a paintbrush to camouflage the damage.

Step 5
Slide a slipcover over the sofa if repairs are still too obvious for your liking. The slipcover conceals all the chewing damage, gives the sofa a fresh color and look, and prevents the need to purchase a brand-new sofa. Place any decorative cushions over the slipcover.