The National Wild Turkey Federation has Helped Grow the Turkey Population Throughout the U.S and Canada

In 1973 hunters concerned about the conservation of both wild turkeys and their habitat formed the National Wild Turkey Federation. Thought it is now headquartered in South Carolina, it was originally incorporated in Virginia. With local clubs in each of the 50 states and in Canada, it has definitely expanded its reach to those who love wild turkey.

Over the years, the National Wild Turkey Federation has actively helped grow the wild turkey population from a slight 30,000 to over 7 million, which is a tremendous increase. Even in states that wild turkeys were all but depleted have seen a massive re-entry of the species.

According to the National Wild Turkey Federation’s website, they have spent over 412 million dollars to save 17.25 million acres of prime habitat. Which in the days of subdivision expansion is a monstrous amount of land.

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