Nighttime Bowfishing

Whether it be a light mounted to your bow or lights mounted on your boat, there are many options when it comes to lights for bowfishing at night.
Lights that mount to a bow come with a trigger and all the installation hardware you need to be able to shine and shoot fish. Two options for your bow are the Splashlight from October Mountain Products and the Apache Predator Bowfishing Light from New Archery Products. These lights screw into the stabilizer mounting hole. Both use a remote trigger pressure switch to turn the light on and off and are available at
Fixed mount lighting options for your boat vary from halogen, HPS (high pressure sodium), metal halide, and LEDs. Halogens, HPS, and metal halide require the use of a generator to produce 110 volts (AC). LEDs range in 12V, 24V, 36V, (all DC), and 110 volt AC. The 12V, 24V, and 36V LEDs can all be run by battery. A generator is required to run the 110V LEDs.
Halogen lights are inexpensive. They work well in semi-clear to clear water. One problem with halogen lights is high amperage. This means you are limited on how many lights you can run based on the size of your generator. The bigger your generator, the more lights you can run.
HPS and metal halide are good in murky water, referred to by some of us as chocolate milk. On average they draw fewer amps than the halogens.
As for LEDs, they are lower amperage, durable, and compact. Cool white LEDs are great for clear water and shooting Bigheads by using the on/off method. Warm white LEDs work well in murky water but are not as optimal for Bighead shooting.
As you can see there are many choices when it comes to lights. Remember to weigh your options. What is the clarity of the water you are shooting? What size is your boat? What size is your generator? If you are not running a generator, how many batteries wil it take to run your LEDs? Personally I shoot off of an LED boat. We run 14 27w cool whites and 12 40w warm whites on a 12 volt system. With a mixture of both the cool and warm, we can shoot almost any water conditions we encounter.
Good luck and be safe this coming season!

Remember BowFishing Gear has all you need to get your stick on.

Amy Pease
Marsh Mutt Pro Staff

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