Passing on the Love for the Outdoors

I recently found out that I am going to be a dad.

My first thoughts were nerves. I was more nervous than anything when I found out. It was not something that I had planned on happening at this time in my life, but it was happening. I was nervous, and I still am, but also excited. I would be getting my own little hunting partner. Someone that I could teach from the ground-up how to hunt and fish. From holding a fishing pole or a gun to killing ducks and fish.

Although I am getting a daughter and not a son, I know that she will love duck hunting and being on the water just as much as I do. I cannot wait to buy her first shotgun/fishing pole for her, and take her out with me. I will always have someone to go hunting with me. I am very excited to share my favorite hobby with my daughter. I am even more ready for the day that she kills her first duck and I can be there to share that moment with her.

I am looking forward to becoming a father and sharing my love of duck hunting with my little girl.

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