Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting

Popular Spots For Wood Duck Hunting
Wood duck hunting demands special skills because finding them can be a challenge. They breed in habitats that are wooded, swampy, ponds, shallow lakes, and creeks. These colorful and beautiful waterfowls are great because they dwell where other ducks fear to tread. They habitually nest in hollows of trees that are close to water, even though they’ll make use of nesting receptacles in wetland locations if available.

The most important practice of wood duck hunting is finding a flock of ducks, and learning their resting, feeding, and roosting habits. Wood ducks are now found in places where they were nonexistent 50 years ago. The below locations are famous for finding flocks of woodies in North America.

Arkansas – Eastern Arkansas
Arkansas comprises of a considerable number of public hunting locations, offering excellent wood duck hunting opportunities. The Duck Capital of the World, Stuttgart in Arkansas is a favorite stop for woody hunters from far and wide.

Mississippi – Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV)
MAV is the most important winter habitat for wood duck hunting. Upper Mississippi River is ranked as one of the principal duck hunting destinations in North America. The extraordinary thing about the great river is that it holds wood ducks from the first day to the end of the season. Hunting preserves close to the Mississippi Flyway all offer fantastic deals to waterfowl hunters all through the season.

Louisiana – South Louisiana.
Any study of North America’s top wood duck hunting sites will reveal that Louisiana is one of the top choices. South Louisiana’s waterfront marshes support up to 9 million wintering and migrating ducks on average. One of the best locations for wood duck hunting is Chenier Plain because it is a prime location for public hunting.

North Carolina – On Beaver Pond.
Waterfowl hunters love the creeks and rivers that intersect the western parts of North Carolina because it offers large flocks of wood ducks. Beaver Pond is endowed with an excess of wood ducks, and these woodies are the foremost birds that will be found in a fowl hunter’s trophy bag from this location.

Texas – Texas Panhandle.
The Texas Panhandle is located in the center of the playa lakes region. Same as the prairie potholes of the northern Great Plains, the playas are reliant on seasonal factors, and in those specific years when suitable rainfall replaces these wetlands, the Texas Panhandle is packed full with unbelievable numbers of woodies.

North Dakota – Eastern North Dakota.
Whatever type of bird you are hunting, you will always find them in excess in North Dakota. Stationed in the middle of the prairie, this state raised over 8 million ducks in 2009 and received a substantial number of staging birds during the fall migration. Access to hunt is provided to waterfowl hunters on several public lands in the eastern part of the state.

There are no reliable estimates of wood duck populations because of the difficulty of studying birds in a forested habitat. Some data from the Christmas Bird Count (1959-1988) and Breeding Bird Survey (1966-1994) show the growing populations in almost all regions of North America.

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