Poseidon by Fin-Finder Bowfishing Review

This season the team decided to get new bows. After a lot of research and trying to keep the budget low, we decided to give the Poseidon by Fin-Finder a shot.

Upon receiving the bow from Marsh Mutt in an unbelievable next day delivery, I commenced to setting it up.

With the multiple mounting holes for the reel. The ability to adjust the draw weight between 25 to 40 pounds, and the draw length any where in the 25″ to 31″ range. The setup was easy to personalize to any shooter.

The only thing I noticed during setup was the paint in the mounting holes made the mounting of the arrow rest only slightly inconvenient.

After getting on the water, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the bow. Weighing in at 3.2 pounds and a axle to axle length of 31″. The bow was very comfortable to hold onto.

Upon getting in to the fish. I found the bow to be very accurate, at least giving me the confidence to hit what I was shooting at. There was no problem with penetration on the bigger fish that was being shot. When I took snap shots or short draws, the bow performed flawlessly. With the deep groves of the Poseidon cams there was no worry of the string jumping out of the cam.

After shooting the Poseidon for the day and multiple others. I find the bow to be a great product. The Poseidon partnered with an A M S retriever proved to be a deadly combination. Giving the budget minded or beginning bow fisher the ability to get a good product, that can do everything you need it to do at a good price.

Will the Poseidon find fish for you? No. But after you do it will get them in the tub. So if your in the market for a new bow check out Marsh Mutt to find the Poseidon and many other great bow fishing products.

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Dwayne Durr
Marsh Mutt Pro Staff

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