Prepping for Duck Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time we have all been waiting for, hunting season. It is also time to start thinking about getting all of your gear out and ready for the upcoming waterfowl season. If any of you are like me, at the end of last season you just piled your gear
in the garage and let it sit until now.

I usually start by making a migration of decoys from the shed to the yard for a good pressure washing. That will get rid of all of the dust and most of the bird droppings. The stubborn filth will still need the scrub brush though. I don’t use any soap because I once read that it will leave a U.V. sheen.

Now that the decoys are clean, go through them and replace any lost weights and discard the ones that no longer float. Touch up any paint and flocking if need be.

With field decoys, make sure that heads and feet are secure. If they need it, screw them on and make sure you have enough stakes for the motion ones if you are using them. As for
the MOJO style decoys, get them out and run them. You will need to time your battery life to see if they need replaced.

Blinds also need some attention. Set them up and remove any mice that decided to make it home for the summer. Make sure doors work properly, and no parts are missing. Mudding of the blinds may be necessary especially if they are new.

Last, but not least, and frequently overlooked is your waders. Put your waders on and go out in the water. There is nothing worse than going out on opening morning and realizing that you have a hole.

Hopefully by taking all of these preseason steps, opening day will be less stressful and more successful. Be safe and have fun. See you in the marsh.

Dwayne Durr
Marsh Mutt Pro Staff

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