Hello all! My name is Amy Pease, born and raised in Southern Illinois, I
now reside in Western Kentucky. I am an avid bowfisher and duck hunter. I
am also a freelace photographer and member of Association of Great Lakes
Outdoor Writers (AGLOW). I have been lucky to be mentored by what I
consider the best of the best in each of my passions and hobbies.

My passion for bowfishing started out with a used Pearson Fishfinder and
AMS retriever. I had never shot a bow before but thanks to my boyfriend at
the time, who is now my husband, I was hooked. I had to go every time they
went. Now I am shooting an Oneida Osprey with an AMS Pro Retriever. I enjoy
shooting from the boat as well as bank shooting. I participate in
tournaments as part of Team Back N Black.

My husband and I have two Charcoal Labs named Carbon and Shadow that we are
training. However, some days I think they are training us.

As for duck hunting, my husband is an avid duck hunter who is in the
process of teaching me the ins and outs of waterfowl hunting. It worked for
bowfishing so why not duck hunting, too?

Thank you MarshMutt for this opportunity and I look forward to working with
an exceptional company. Happy hunting y’all!