Pro Bio: Chaz Terrebonne

Chaz TerrebonneMy name is Chaz Terrebonne. I was born and raised on a little island called Grand Isle,Louisiana. I spent most of my life there growing up on the water with my father trawling, crabbing, and oystering. As time went on, I decided I needed to make a move off Grand Isle. I then moved to Cut Off, Louisiana. Once moving here, I became an offshore boat captain because I couldn’t be away from the water and couldn’t really see myself working in an office. I then started my own family which I’m very proud of. I have an awesome fiancé and a daughter to share the great moments with in life. I bring them outdoors as much as I can to show them how nice it is to live off the land. I mainly duck hunt, which gets a lot of my off time when in season (Thanks to my father for getting me hooked on hunting ducks.)I still manage to get some deer hunting in during the season. I also like to help lower the hog population in south Louisiana yearly. I enjoy saltwater fishing a lot, being I’m in a tagging program in my area. In the off-season, I like to do a little mud riding, basketball, and recently started playing golf. Hunting and fishing has been in my family forever so it is awesome that I can keep that going as my family grows. I’m very thankful to be part of the MarshMutt team and help with the growing of a great site.