Pro Bio: Derek Craig

derekDerek Craig is lives outside of Ashley, Indiana and has hunted the northeast corner of Indiana for more than 20 years. Hunting Canada geese and ducks in the cornfields is one of his greatest obsessions. He shares this obsession with his two young huntress daughters. Together they are always hunting feathered and furred game throughout the entire year. Family is of the highest priority with Derek and time with his daughters, wife, and two yellow labs is never taken for granted.



Derek is a dedicated volunteer with the Northeast Indiana Chapter of Delta Waterfowl and helps organize the largest youth event every year for the organization. In 2012, Derek was voted as Delta Waterfowl’s National Volunteer of the Year.

Derek is an engineer who owns a small engineering and construction company. He also owns an outdoor media company, New Day Outdoors Productions. Through New Day Outdoors, he works with many companies in the hunting industry on video, photographic images, and product promotion.