Pro Bio: Jeremy Sells

jeremyGood day! My name is Jeremy Sells I live in the beautiful state of IDAHO. It gets even better, I live in Coeur d’ Alene; I like to call it God’s country. I’m blessed with an amazing wife that suffers every year during waterfowl season. I have tried to get her out there but she calls it a “sleep coma”. I have to say she does not like the cold. So my wife April and I made a deal I get waterfowl season and she gets me the rest of the year. My 3 year old son Tyler went on his 1st hunting trip this year. After 25 minutes one honker decoyed right in, I think my son is hooked.

So a little about me: I have served 12 years in the Army currently work for the Idaho Army National Guard full time. I fell in love with waterfowling about 4 years ago. Ever since then I have been broke; deke’s are expensive (just kidding). Since then I have been researching and learning like crazy. Bought a boat painted it and built a blind. I look forward to learning and growing with Marsh Mutt. Things I can bring to the table for Marsh Mutt: Motivation, Love of the sport, Marketing ideas, and some knowledge to share.

I think waterfowl is like golf it’s a love hate relationship. One day it’s great and the next day you ask yourself WHY! Ok so I have to share a little joke my son Tyler tells everyone its very cute, yes I said cute. Ok so here it goes!!! What mouse walks on 2 legs? You answered Mickey Mouse! What duck walks on 2 legs? Donald duck you answered! PUNCH LINE all ducks you silly! Keep in mind he is 3. Ok, have you ever had a friend fall asleep while your hunting best trick ever, take your shot gun off safe, blow on your goose call twice and start shooting it’s a great laugh. Thanks for your time hit me up in the chats. I also would like to thank Marsh Mutt for the opportunity to work with them.