Pro Bio: Joe Hendrex

Joe HendrexMy Name is Joe Hendrex and I hail from Hughson Ca, a small farming community in California’s Central Valley, home to the famed waterfowl mecca of the San Joaquin Delta and Central Grasslands of the Pacific Flyway.

As a life long wing shooter at the age of 54, I have been pursuing waterfowl for over four decades. Married for 35 years and the father of five, two sons and three daughters, all of my children grew up hunting.

Waterfowling has been in our family for generations and many of the families in our local church are wing shooters as well. I have always believed that whatever you determine to do in life, you should do it with all your might and be the best that you can be. Being blessed with a business that is very seasonal I am able to be in the field 85-95 days during duck season and 35-45 additional days for upland birds.

My wife Kimberly and I raise labs and short hairs on our small ranch where Colt, my 5 year old chocolate Lab spends his leisure time. With out a doubt my favorite part of hunting is to watch someone new to our sport, especially a youngster, get the fever when they see a large group of ducks or geese lock, drop, and sit down, so close to you that you could almost reach out and touch them, it is truly a site to behold. I am very excited to be on the Marsh Mutt Team and look forward to helping you become the best that you can be in the field.

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