As a new member of the Marsh Mutt team, I would like to introduce myself. I am Tyler Parker and I hail from the great state of South Carolina. I have lived my entire life in the small town of Pageland, SC and that is where I currently reside. We are famous for being known as the “Watermelon Capital of the World.”

All my life, I have always preferred being outdoors. Whether it was playing sports, farming with my grandfather, fishing or hunting. When I was younger, my main obsession was fishing. That was all I ever thought or cared for. It would be nothing for me to be gone all day from sunup to sunset doing nothing but fishing. I was eased into hunting by my grandfather around the age of 10. Our main target was the elusive crow. Yes, I cut my teeth wing shooting crows. The reason behind this was my grandpa hated them because they would ruin a melon field in a short time if allowed.

Growing up in rural SC, you did what everyone else did, and that was deer hunt. Everyone of my friends hunted deer with a passion as did I but there was always one thing that drew me away. That was the great sport of waterfowling. I love sitting in a stand overlooking an agriculture field just as much as the next guy, but to me there are things far greater than that. Whether it is standing knee deep in the timbers of Arkansas listening to the overhead chuckle of a group of mallards, the settling into a layout blind when you hear a distant honk, or even the shrill of a wood duck cutting through the swamp, there is just something about waterfowling that keeps drawing me back time and time again.

My love for waterfowling has led me to many great places across this nation and has awarded me with a great number of friends from all over. My travels each season consist of various parts of the Southeast, to as far east as the Outer Banks of coastal North Carolina all the way to the green timber of Arkansas as well as hunting all over my home state.

I look forward to sharing my hints, experiences, and if able, share my knowledge in any way possible.

Thank you, Tyler