Zink Calls Duck Calls

Zink Calls Duck Calls are the original idea of Fred Zink, whom we respectfully refer to as Mr Duck. Mr Duck spent countless hours designing each call himself, insuring quality for all his customers. Even though they were recently bought out by Plano Synergy Fred Zink is still highly involved in the development and production of all  zink duck calls leaving their facility. So they are still producing a Champion in EVERY CALL.

Zink Duck Calls have helped folks from NEW hunters to experienced guides land groups of ducks in spread for years!  Let Fred Zink help you finish more birds this year too. Don’t let the excitement end in your Duck Blind, carry the right equipment

Marsh Mutt is very proud to present the full line of Fred Zink Duck Calls for your shopping pleasure. One of the largest selections available to waterfowl hunters! Make yourself a champion today!

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