Zink Calls Goose Calls

Zink Calls Goose Calls have been known to spin flocks back to decoy spreads from hundreds of yards out. Though they were bought out by Plano, they still produce some of the best Goose Calls on the market. Fred Zink still personally verifies the quality of the calls he puts out bearing his name sake!

Fred Zink Goose Calls are backed by one of the greatest MEN in the industry.  Fred Zink would stop nothing short of perfection on any of the products he has produced over the years.  Zink Goose Calls will drive you as wild as the geese! And after using one year after year, it is obvious that they drive the Canada Geese absolutely insane.  These calls are also back by the Marsh Mutt guarantee that if you don’t like the call, then ship it back to exchange it!

Marsh Mutt offers the LARGEST selection of Zink Calls Goose Calls on the market so check us out today!

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