Versa Launcher

Save on Versa Launchers

Versa Launcher is the most versatile launcher in on the market today.  Retrieve-R-Trainer has passed the mark of their predecessors with the new Versa-Launcher products that have been placed on the market.  Melissa and Kevin at RRT have worked hard each spring to grow their company, but most importantly they have spent time on QUALITY customer service.

It makes a huge difference in this industry to know your buying your Retriever Training Products from folks that stand behind their gear.  The Versa Launcher is build to withstand the test of time, and Kevin has pride in the work he puts forward!

Marsh Mutt has Pro Staff that spends ton’s of time exploring all our products, and they ONLY choose quality items for us to sell!  The Versa Launcher is one of those quality products.  Versa Launcher by RRT is one of the KEY products YOU need in your training trick bag this spring!  Check them out below!


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