Zinger Winger Launchers

Save on Zinger Winger Launchers

Zinger Winger Launchers have been produced to some of the highest standards in the dog training realm as a way for solo gun dog trainers to concentrate on their retrievers without others throwing birds for them.  Zinger Winger Launchers have a full line of launchers to meet any specific needs you might have in terms of bird throwing distance/height.  These launchers have been FULLY tested by our pro-staff, and have gotten the seal of approval!  Zinger winger is a Canadian company that also has warehouse’s in the US, so they can reach the whole continent in terms of sales!

Marsh Mutt has stocked Zinger Winger Launchers because we have faith in the launchers ability to stand the test of time.  Zinger has proven they have a commitment to customer service that surpasses their competition!

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