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4 Arm Rotary Machine


4 Arm Rotary Machine


4 Arm Rotary Machine

This 4-Arm Tornado Rotary Machine is made from high quality and durable material. This is specifically designed to attract waterfowl from miles away. Use this device and you will surely attract the Crows, Ducks, Geese, Doves and Pigeons. This machine is battery operated and is very easy to assemble and use. Use it efficiently, with no sweat at all!

When you purchase this Tornado Rotary Machine you get to enjoy the bigger motor, allowing the machine to function efficiently. It comes with a padded camp carrying case which has separate pockets to accommodate the arms. There is also a special pocket for the remote. The battery is not yet included in the package but you can easily purchase the battery in any local store near you.

You will surely be impressed by this Tornado Rotary Machine because the remote functions up to 40 to 50 yards. Try this and see the results. You will surely draw the attention of the waterfowl with this premium grade machine. You can absolutely take advantage of their curiosity. Be impressed with how this 4-Arm Tornado Rotary Machine works. By just using a 12v battery, you can start attracting those birds and enjoy the amazing result you always wanted.