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Anglers Choice Sideline Clippers 18ct POP


Anglers Choice Sideline Clippers 18ct POP

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Side-Line Clipper P.O.P. Kit. 18 Piece box. Heavy duty chrome plated side clipper with 20″ neck lanyard. EVA foam thumb tab prevents slipping when hands are wet. Large side clipper jaw design makes close cuts of line easier and quicker in a rocking boat. Vendors can encourage and will experience multi-piece purchases by consumers, if a few basics are followed. Place spool lanyards and clippers, nippers, forceps and hook sharpeners close together, couple a few together and hang from box.If you are running out of counter top or shelf space to display P.O.P. kits, take a serious look at our peg board P.O.P. buckets. Our unique peg buckets are not only great space savers, but offer you a super 50% reorder inventory management option.

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