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Bill Saunders Calls Barcode Speck/Ross Call


Barcode Speck/Ross Call

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Designed and perfected by people that make their living getting birds in the decoys and when your livelihood depends on something it better be good. Easy to operate and designed to produce the wide range of lifelike sounds needed to get these weary flyers on the X.  Simply put if a Speck makes the sound this call can duplicate it.

The Barcode is proving to be just as deadly on the stage as it is in the field.  With just 2 contest seasons under its belt, the Barcode has stacked up several wins and top 3 finishes, including consecutive West Coast Live Speck titles.

The Barcode is an acrylic call and comes in a variety of colors.  Every call is hand tuned by Bill himself and comes out of the box ready for the stage or the field.

If you’re searching for the best Speck call on the market, your search is over, The Barcode is it!

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