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Carlson Championship Calls Wendell Carlson Handcrafted Antique Duck Call


Hand Crafted by Wendell Carlson Himself is the last of Mr. Carlsons Personal Stock


Presented by Marsh Mutt is a Once in a Lifetime opportunity. During the season of 98/99 Wendell Carlson personally produced this run of Custom Duck Calls, and held them for personal stock! These calls are now going to be available to you via Marsh Mutt Only, and definitely should be part of everyone’s personal collection! Wendell R. Carlson never used any duplicator lathes or any mass production techniques except for his annual process of trimming out all the blanks for the barrels in mass, turning all the barrels individually and did the same with the inserts. He then designed all the sounding surfaces on the inserts and mated them with their barrels after hand drilling each of the 5 separate barrel drillings. Finally he hand finished and baked both parts individually. This made each call very unique, and perfect for your collection! These are in very Limited Quantities! Get yours today, but only via Marsh Mutt!

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in