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Dakota Decoy Mother Goose Pack


Mother Goose Pack

Each Mother Goose pack includes:

1 – Sentry Gander Goose
2 – Fully flocked Upright Goslings (Guaranteed Adorable!)
1 – Fully flocked Feeding Gosling (Guaranteed Adorable!)

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It’s with great pleasure we introduce to you our new line of decorative decoys, featuring our ultra realistic Canada geese, and the soon to be envy of neighborhoods throughout the states, our fully flocked, impossible to resist…… gosling decoys! These cute and fuzzy decoys will be a great addition to any yard!

Our full body Canada goose decoys feature the most realistic paint scheme, flocked heads and a motion system that will have even passing geese taking a second look! Together with a cute trio of our flocked goslings, this beautiful family of Canada geese will soon be the envy of lawn owners all across the United States. The Mother Goose Pack consists of 1 Sentry Gander Goose, 2 Upright Goslings, and 1 Feeder Gosling.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 12 in


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