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Do All Aerial Assault Clay Target Launcher


Do All Aerial Assault Clay Target Launcher


The Aerial Assault is our favorite automatic trap. It is easy to operate, reliable, safe to use and very affordable. We have used our launcher extensively with no failures and are very happy with its performance. The Aerial Assault’s features include 50-target capacity, and easily adjustable throwing angle from 5 to 35 degrees. The launcher will cycle a new clay every two seconds and will throw them up to 90 yards. Targets are launched with a manually depressed foot pedal that can be remotely located from the launcher, and can be extended by adding extension cords. We really like the handheld remote release that makes it simple to operate the Aerial Assault by yourself, and practice incoming or crossing shots with the launcher located up to 100 yards from you. Without question, this is the best-designed and most affordable remote launcher on the market and is our choice for off-season practice sessions. Minimal assembly is required. Due to Size additional shipping charges may apply

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