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Drake Waterfowl 4’ Leash


During hunting season, hunters become prone in experiencing many kinds of problems in their journey. Some of them will experience weather-related problems such as too much coldness. The body, as it grows older, becomes more sensitive to cold temperatures leading them to catch colds and fever.

However, most problems occur while the hunter takes on his travel period searching for his prey. At times, these are related to their hunting buddy – dogs. These buddies are often distracted in the journey because of their sensitivity to the surrounding. Well, that’s not an issue because dogs are made in such way. In this case, the master needs to enhance his ability to control his buddy reminding him to focus to their goal and mission in the forest. The Drake Waterfowl 4’ leash is a great help in solving this kind of matter.


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The Drake’s 4’ leash is constructed using an enhanced design to cater the needs of hunters who wish to purchase a high quality leash in the market. It is made of tough nylon webbing to prevent the easy breakage of the leash. This holds strong in case your dog ran out of route as he chase something out of the wilderness. A heavy duty brass clip connects the leash to the dog’s collar which prevents the dog from being disconnected to its buddy. In some cases, hunters experience problems in the travel period due to rope breakage or slipping of the collar because the clip tends to lax.

To help them minimize the cost of hunting, they tend to repair this malfunctioning which is not right because things will go over and over again. The best thing to do is to extend some additional funds to Drake’s Waterfowl’s 4’ leash. Try on the product and see the difference.



Materials & Construction
  • Nylon webbing construction
  • Heavy-duty brass hardware

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 2 in


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