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Drake Waterfowl Dog Trainer’s Field Bag


Dog training is an activity which requires your full attention and concern as you go along. Therefore, you need to carry with you essential things that are quite helpful in the development of the training. This, too, includes basic necessities such as food and water to help you and your dog sustain the said activity.

Thus, you need to organize everything you need so that the training you will do could not be hindered by any factor related to such. A dog trainer’s field bag is a useful tool to address this matter. As the leading entity in the Waterfowl Hunting Industry, Drake sees to it that trainers are well-provided with tools which address their needs bearing in mind the consistency of high quality products they promised to offer. The Drake Waterfowl dog trainer’s field bag showcased another Drake quality masterpiece in the market today. See why!



This mid-sized shoulder bag is designed to organize the trainer’s essential gears. The trainer’s field bag aims to provide the dog trainers with ample convenience and comfort while they are in the training field because this bag serves as a one-stop-shop for trainers. Looking at its compartments inside, it automatically gives you the idea of what to store in each area. The space inside is fair enough to bring all the necessary things you need such as your retriever-rite bumper, dog collar and leash. The material used, on the other hand, is based on the Drake’s HD2 technology – a well-known milestone of the Drake’s system. This HD2 technology, which the dog trainer’s field bag is using, is proven to be a material or fabric that is well researched to repel mud and moisture. This provides dog trainers the peace of mind that their training gears are well protected inside regardless of the kind of weather they are about to face in the training field.


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