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Drake Waterfowl Force Fetch Bumper


A special training tool designed to teach your dog the basics of delivering to hand and to handle ducks and geese carefully without chewing during the retrieve.

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The key towards aiming success in the hunting field is when you and your partner will both contribute in line with each other’s abilities and skills. For example, you, hunters, may be real good in shooting. But you need someone who can help you in the delivery process. If you have a well-trained dog, he can manage the delivery of ducks and geese for you. That will give you a more manageable hunting activity. In order to realize such, you need to train your pet well. The Drake Waterfowl force fetch bumper is one of the products in the market which can help you as a trainer.

The force fetch bumper is a special tool which is designed to train your dogs with the basics of delivery while maintaining its normal condition. Therefore, it will help your dogs to learn proper handling of ducks and geese as they are retrieved and delivered to you. This force fetch bumper is made from a durable and lead-free plastic with a very hard and dense ends. Its hard center section encourages you dog to prefer a lighter bite to enhance their level of comfort while, on the other hand, its dense end pieces encourages your dog to fetch in the middle part. The force fetch bumper is 2”x11” as to dimension and is not intended to be thrown.


  • Dense end pieces encourage fetching at the middle of the bird
  • Hard center section encourages a lighter bite
  • 2″ x 11″

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 11 × 4 in