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Drake Waterfowl Oval Windshield Decal


Keeping it cool while taking on pride – that is what the Drake Waterfowl oval windshield decal is offering you. Being a hunter entails lots of sacrifice and massive acquisition of learning in the said field because life out there in the wild is full of uncertainties. One needs to master lots of skills in order for him to survive in his hunting journey. It does not need knowledge alone. It needs to be combined with proper skills and training. That is why, with chin up, a hunter takes pride in his achievement because not everyone is brave enough to take on the challenge.

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The oval windshield decal sets a tone in identifying the kind of person you are. It’s as good as saying that “I am determined in becoming better and I conquered it all!” Waterfowl hunters love to go out for a hunt during bad weather because it is the time where the tendency of good harvest is high. These waterfowls love to stay in some riverbanks during this season and make this as their temporary habitat. This becomes a place where they consider as their safe zone. Although the harvest is good during cold season, but, hunters are subjected to some health issues in this season. So why not take pride in becoming a waterfowl hunter.

The oval windshield decal is a great medium in showing your pride as a waterfowl hunter. It is designed with a duck head which symbolizes your being as a waterfowl hunter. Since its size is just 42” wide and 5” tall, you can keep your car cool and clean looking. Drake Waterfowl make sure that its oval windshield decal will not hinder you from enjoying the beauty and style of your chosen car model. Since it is made from a brand that exists for a decade and is trusted by many waterfowl hunters, you are assured that you are using only the best in this field.


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