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Drake Waterfowl Retrieve-Rite Pro Bumper


Train like a pro! That is what the Drake Waterfowl retrieve-rite pro bumper offers you!

Training is quite essential in the success of every waterfowl hunting activity because it enhances the ability of your dog to retrieve ducks and geese in the field. Duck and geese retrieval requires essential skills to be successful and through this, Drake Waterfowl is committed to give you its best of the best. Being the leading firm in waterfowl hunting for more than a decade now, Drake Waterfowl’s technology had brought itself towards a deep commitment in perfecting every waterfowl hunting activity. With this, Drake had set forth its focus in the dog training’s activity knowing that dogs serve a huge purpose in the said field. Its retrieve-rite pro bumper assists the hunters in facilitating the said activity.


So far, the Retrieve-rite pro bumper is the most efficient tool in training your dogs in a professional manner. This is mostly used by trainers who had gone through the basics and desires to train their dogs a level higher. It is designed mimicking a mallard drake which pretends actual hunting retrieval in both land and water. It is designed with a hard duck head and tail which signals your dog of improper retrieves while, on the other hand, the soft mid-section promotes correct body carry instincts. Thus, the retrieve-rite pro bumper trains your dog to focus in the middle in retrieving which is the proper way for duck retrieval. This retrieve-rite pro bumper is designed with a durable one-piece construction which is great for launching wingers.

Aside from those mentioned above, the retrieve-rite pro bumper is designed with a hole in the nose where you can attach a streamer or a secondary rope which enables fun and satisfying duck retrieval training. This helps a lot in making the training fast and easy while enhancing the rapport between you and your dog.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 11 × 4 in


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