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Drake Waterfowl Retrieve-Rite Standard Bumper


Dog training plays a huge factor in the development of every hunting activity. Through proper training, our partners in hunting will be able to gain the right skills they need in order to survive in the wild world. This holds true especially in waterfowl hunting because they serves as, not just our runners but, our retrievers as well. This is the very reason why we should train them well in this area of expertise.

Retrieving itself is a skill required because there’s a proper way entailed in retrieving a duck such as the do’s and don’ts in duck retrieval. For instance, a duck should be retrieved through its core and not through its head. These are some factors we need to consider in professional duck hunting. As a part of the industry which aims for perfection in the duck hunting business, Drake Waterfowl offers its retrieve- rite standard bumper to cater the needs of waterfowl hunters in dog retrieval training.


The retrieve-rite standard bumper is an on-the-go bumper which caters most of your needs for your dog’s duck retrieval training. Both ends of the said retrieve-rite standard bumper are made with hard caps which is a non-verbal way of telling your dog to retrieve through the core and not through the ends. The soft mid-section, to complete the proper duck retrieval training, promotes correct body-carry instincts of your dog.

Aside from its main physical features as stated above, the retrieve-rite standard bumper is with ropes attached in each end to make it easier for you to take the bumper from your dog. This rope can be removed at any time depending on your very own preference. For some, they used to remove the ropes and substitute it with streamers to add more fun in their dog’s duck retrieval training. Through this, most hunters believe that a fun-filled training can help a lot in the fast absorption of their dog’s acquired information.

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