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Drake Waterfowl Retrieve-Rite XL Bumper


Training enhances the quality of work output which leads to a certain level of perfection. That holds true in every waterfowl hunting activity and that has been the very goal of everyone in the waterfowl hunting industry. The Drake Waterfowl has been one of the leading entities in the Waterfowl Industry which is committed to perfection in whichever way they could. They had perfected lots of garments and accessories in the market with over a decade of waterfowl hunting experience. The retriever-rite XL bumper is one of their products which are designed to tailor fit within a certain grounds of duck retrieval expertise.


The Drake Waterfowl retrieve-rite XL bumper is just like the Drake’s retrieve-rite bumper. However, it is a design which caters the need of duck retrieval training for those ducks and geese with a huge body structure. As hunters caring for your dog, you need to prepare them retrieve ducks and geese with plus sizes for them to be able to adapt well as they go on field. The retrieve-rite XL bumper is designed with hard caps in both ends to discourage improper way of retrieves. On the other hand, its soft mid-section is designed to promote proper body-carry instincts. Through the retrieve-rite XL bumper, your dogs will be able to distinguish from their own the right and wrong of duck retrieval regardless of the duck’s size.

Ropes are added on this retrieve-rite XL bumper’s design to assist the hunter in taking the bumper from their dogs as they undergo the training process. However, to make the training more fun and fulfilling, one could remove the said ropes and attach an attractive streamer to facilitate faster inflow of learning in your dog’s behalf. Many hunters believe that a great training environment and techniques are quite essential to allow your dog’s learning fast and easy. That is how the retrieve-rite XL bumper can serve you!

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Dimensions 4 × 11 × 4 in