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Drake Waterfowl Slip Leash


Many believed and testified that a dog is considered all over the world as man’s best friend. This is also true in hunting. A dog portrays a huge role in the whole hunting activity because they are great trackers and protectors. Usually or most of the time, hunters used their dogs to find prospect targets which made their lives easier. This can also minimize wasted time during hunting due to animal’s skills. Their senses are very sensitive especially their sense of smell. At the same time, they, too, are real good in protecting their master. They can sense any harm that is approaching and directly transmits signal to their master to seek for further protection and refuge. This is the reason why hunters bring along with them dogs to help them achieve greater heights in hunting. However, dogs had necessities which their master should learn to address. You need to guide them accordingly and feed them when they seek for food. At the same time, when dogs come with you in the field, make sure that they won’t go too far from you by putting on a slip leash to them.


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Drake Waterfowl has a 6’ slip leash which is easy to slip in the dog’s head and facilitates fast adjustment to the right size. There are tendencies wherein your dog pulls against the leash during walks – especially in long walks. The slip leash by Drake Waterfowl helps in discouraging dogs from pulling against our leash during these walks. It is made up of nylon webbing leash which minimizes itchiness in the dog’s fur preventing comfort to rule in. as to its physical matter, the Drake’s slip leash uses a brass D-ring for better adjustment of leash. At the same time, this slip leash has a total of 6’ overall length which allows your dog to move freely.



Materials & Specs
  • Nylon webbing leash
  • Brass D-ring adjustment
  • 6′ overall length

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 2 in


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