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Drake Waterfowl Time & Motion I-BEam Turkey Vest 2.0


The “I-Beam” design provides comfort and protection for hunters of all shapes and sizes as they lean against a tree on long turkey hunts. While most vests are limited to small back pads, the I-Beam protects all the way across the shoulder blades, down the spine, and across the lower back.

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The I-Beam 2.0 Turkey Vest is designed to be the most intuitive vest on the market.  Our unique “Time & Motion” pocket design saves time and minimizes motion required to access your gear.  Two slate calls and strikers, four diaphragm calls, and two box calls, and two locator can easily be accessed from the front of the vest, all without fumbling around inside a pocket. Two large organizational compartments, one huge cargo pocket, and one vertical pocket hold additional gear and calls.  The rear cargo storage is separate from the lined game bag, creating a ton of rear storage space.  Also features the Magnattach Seat Cushion that is held in the upright position by magnets – no struggling with clips or straps.  Adjustable chest/waist straps to accomodate all adult sizes.



  • External quick-draw slate call pouch
  • Two external quick-draw striker sleeves
  • Two box call pouches
  • Two internal slate call pockets
  • Fourn internal stricker sleeves
  • Four mesh diaphragm call pockets
  • Two detatchable locator call lanyards
  • Magnattach padded rear seat
  • I-Beam back pad
  • Removable Gun Cradle strap
  • Blood-proof game bag
  • Separate rear storage for clothing, decoys, etc

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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